How to Enhance Call to Actions in your Copy

August 19, 2021

Tips on Incorporating Words that Sell!
When it comes to marketing and advertising, it is imperative to include persuasive CTA’s (call to actions) in your efforts. A call to action urges the user to take immediate action: click a button, submit an email address, call for a free consultation, etc. The action then provides the user with useful information in exchange for entering your sales funnel. Ultimately, a call to action helps encourage website visitors to take a desired action. A strong CTA can help with decision fatigue and add value to your product or services. The best part is, it doesn’t need to be text heavy or strenuous at all. Sometimes just a two-word phrase can help a visitor with direction on what to do next. The main goal: create a sense of urgency which in turn increases conversions.
At H2 Marketing Consultants we work with an array of clients across various industries and territories, yet we share the common goal of driving traffic to our websites and generating conversions. As a marketing agency, we use CTA’s to motivate audiences to take real steps towards becoming a customer or client. The CTA is the single most important element to gain potential customers, so we make sure to include them throughout our client’s social platforms, newsletters, blogs, and websites. We constructed a short list of marketing strategies you can use as a guide to identify what the perfect CTA can look like for your market.

Use First-Person Action Verbs

Words have power. They can make or break it when it comes to persuading your audience and adding momentum to your offerings. It is important to use words or phrases that maximize conversions such as:


These words bring exclusivity and urgency to your offerings, helping expedite your visitor’s decision-making process. They encourage your audience to act quickly so they don’t miss out on something that could be significant. Your users are more inclined to act when they see phrases such as “Click Here” or “Join Now” because it gives them direction. Try other phrases like “Buy Today” or “Get a Free Quote Today” to add immediate attention to your services. 

Make Sure Your CTA Stands Out

If your call to action is hidden or hard to find, how do you expect your potential customers to take initiative. Be mindful of your layout. It should be easy to read and conclude with a clear action for the viewer to take. For example, it may be in your best interest to avoid burying them on another page or only make it available after multiple clicks or endless scrolling. You want the call to action to be easy to find, so don’t use small or thin text. Other tips include:
Highlighting your CTAs to make them visible by using vibrant graphics or visual embellishments.
Making sure to use contrasting colors that let CTA buttons stand out from the site’s background.
Don’t forget to add relevant information within the CTA, such as the phone number, company address, and email.

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